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Sterling Power 12V 400A Alternator to Battery Charger PN:AB12400

Sterling Power 12V 400A Alternator to Battery Charger PN:AB12400
The chart which would be useful to send to who ever needs it, this very much airs on the side off caution for cables, there is no doubt thinner cable can be used but larger voltage drops would in-sue,

Alternator to Battery Chargers

Not just a product – a whole new concept: all the performance of an advanced alternator regulator without all the fitting

Alternator to Battery Chargers

DC Voltage Max alt amps Size L x W x D mm Weight Part Number
12 300 370 x 288 x 70 5.0 AB12300
12 400 370 x 288 x 70 5.1 AB12400
24 200 370 x 288 x 70 5.2 AB24200
Remote Control for above products     ABNRC

Fitting instructions: PDF


  • Charge your batteries over 5 System wiring diagramtimes faster
  • Input an extra 50% extra power into them plus de-sulphate the batteries
  • Make them last longer
  • Can be used with 2 alternators
  • Available in 80 / 130 / 160 / 210 models


Product information

This is a 100% unique product, not available anywhere else in the world and totally designed and conceived by Sterling. In order to overcome all problems experienced now and in the future with standard advanced alternator regulators This is simply to help people understand what it does and where it should be used and should not in any way demean any of the other charging products we manufacture.

The Digital Advanced Alternator Regulator offers the best low cost technical solution to increase the output performance of your alternator. However, there are applications and markets, which require a different approach to increasing the alternator performance; without all the work and expertise required to install a regulator.

Full system wiring

Optional Extra Remote control kit

Product information

Remote ControlIncluded parts: the remote panel, 10 metres of pre wired link cable and 2 x 200 amp pre wired shunts. The 2 x shunts enable 2 x real currents to be measured and 1 x current calculated in the software the 3 x currents to be measured, accuracy +-5%.

200 amp shunt

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