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Sterling Power - Pro Power Q 24v, 600w Inverter [PN: I24600]

Sterling Power - Pro Power Q 24v, 600w Inverter [PN: I24600]
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By far the most popular type of inverters in use today, Quasisinewave output satisfies the needs of all but the most sophisticated appliance.


The advantage of the PRO PowerQ range of inverters is that they deliver more power, for less money, lower consumption from the battery and with smaller  dimensions; all key considerations whether your need is professional or leisure. From the smallest 100 Watt 'coke can' model, designed to fit in the drinks holder in your car, to the largest version, all units are provided with battery cables featuring lighter socket plug or gold plated terminals. Continuous ratings in watts mean that there is plenty of power available in reserve and short term overload will not be a problem.


A standard feature across the range is high and low voltage cut out and protection against excessive overload and over temperature.


Installation is simple requiring connection to the battery via a fuse and output via two sockets compatible with either continental Shuko or British plug styles. Remote control is available for the 1000, 1800 and 2500 watt units using the standard panel. This simply plugs in to the unit and can be located up to 10 meters away

  • DC Volts: 24 V
  • 600 Watts
  • Output voltage: 230 V
  • Hertz: 50 Hz


MRP : £116.00 You Pay Only £98.60 ex VAT You Save 15% ( £118.32 inc VAT )
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