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Sterling Pro Power Distribution Box PN: PPD500

This new product is designed to ensure your D/C electrical distribution system on boats and specialists vehicles is both very safe and compact. The clear plastic cover makes it easy to see the green L.E.D.s indicating live circuits and the red L.E.D.s indicating failed circuits. In the event of concerns about excess power being used by the L.E.D.s, a simple link can be removed to kill all the green L.E.D.s (that would otherwise be on all the time) but leave the red (fuse blown warning) L.E.D.s active (but only on in a fault condition). Other interesting features include a alternator fail safe blow fuse, the alternator fuse can safely blow but offer the alternator an emergency link to prevent the alternator's regulator from being damaged due to the loss of a battery link, this output can also be used for other purposes if not being used for an alternator

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