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Sterling Power ProSolar 24v/1a -50w Solar Regulator - PN:SB241

Sterling Power ProSolar 24v/1a -50w Solar Regulator - PN:SB241

Basic regulators This is a simple 2 amp regulator set at 13.8 V (x 2 for 24 V) single stage float charge regulator. The ideal use for this Type of regulator is, for example, if you had a motor home or a small boat on a swinging mooring and a small solar cell who’s only job was to keep the starter battery topped up when vehicle / boat is not in use, then this product is perfect, a low cost cell and low cost switching regulator will do


Advantage: Very low cost.


Suitable for Low cost cells where the objective is simply keeping a relatively inactive battery topped up (such as a starter battery) as opposed to contributing useful power into a system.


Disadvantages: Will not maximise the harvest from a solar cell.



Simple to install. For 12 V operation use only a standard “12 V” solar cell, these tend to have a working voltage of 15-20 V and an open circuit voltage of up to 29 V. For 24 V please times these voltages by 2. The maximum current of the solar cells should not exceed 2 amps. One can use a larger solar cell if one wishes but the max current this Product will pass will be 2 amps ( 12 v 1 amp 24 v ). If the fitted cell is larger than this it will not cause a problem to the product, however, any current in excess of 2 amps will simply never be permitted to pass rendering the surplus wasted, please look at the larger range of solar cells if this is the case.


Maximum solar cell power rating - ideal for 50W solar cells or less. This regulator will work with a solar cell of above 50W but we recommend using PWM or MPPT regulators for maximum performance as these would be better value for money.



LED light indicates the unit is active and charging

Max current flow for:

12 v = 2 amps

24 v = 1 amp


Fuses, use 5 amp fuses for this product on the pos lines

Current limiting: yes


Max solar cell open circuit voltage:

40 V (12V system)

50 V (24V system)


Nominal solar cell voltage max 17-25

V for 12 V (x 2 for 24 V)


Regulated voltage 13.8 V nominal, (x 2 for 24 V)


Reverse polarity protected on solar cell and battery connections.


LED runs from solar panel ONLY

LED power consumption 0.0005A

Non operational mode / night time power consumption = 0.00 amps

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